Can't we do the same thing with Social Media?

They wish! But, no. There are several differences between YourVote and social media, but here are the main ones... 1. With YourVote, officials/candidates can only interact with their constituents. On social media, anyone can comment or take the poll regardless of where they live. 2. We keep your identity and data secure. We never share or sell your information. You are the only person who will know how you voted. We want everyone to be able to give their honest opinion without fear of being attacked or trolled. Obviously, that is the complete opposite of social media platforms! 3. There is no way or reason you can be blocked on YourVote. 4. People are not guaranteed to see posts on social media. Not only do some platforms censor posts, but they also rely on their algorithims to decide who to show the post to. With YourVote, all users in the district will receive a push notification and see the exact same question. We don't try to influence one side over the other...

Do app users really remain anonymous?

Yes! Since YourVote was designed from the perspective of a constituent, we feel anonymity is key and non-negotiable. We are not willing to budge on this issue - despite attempts from several officials, consultants, and political parties. They only need your information in order to market to you and solicit donations. Why provide them with your information when they can simply use YourVote to do those things? Your information is only shared when you choose to do so (but your information is never tied to your votes). We have pop-ups explaining what will be shared, with whom, and why. One instance would be if you made a political donation through YourVote. We must abide by the regulations and submit the required information. However, your votes will still remain 100% anonymous!

The app sign up process seems long. What's the deal?

It may take a few minutes to register, but once that is complete, using YourVote is quick and easy! We found that people would rather input information one time upfront than be required to enter new information later on. Please remember that your information is never shared or sold and that you always remain anonymous.

Will my phone be constantly going off due to push notifications?

No! We're people too, and we don't want annoying notifications either! We designed the software so that every elected official/candidate/organization can ask one question per week. If they wish to ask another, they will have to pay an additional poll fee. This offers them the flexibility when they need it (such as during session), but encourages them to refrain from asking about every little thing. We want them to use their questions for important topics on major issues that will affect you.... not getting feedback on renaming a post office building.

I downloaded the app, but none of my officials or candidates are using it. Now what?

We feel your pain, but here are the things we would ask you to do... 1) Keep the app on your phone. When someone does sign up to use YourVote, you will be notified and able to give your input. Also, your download helps direct us to which officials/candidates we should call next. They are much more receptive to YourVote when they learn that there are already users in their district. 2) Participate in our YourVote polls. We ask a weekly poll and would love to have your input. This also provides us with unique information we can present when we "pitch" YourVote to your officials and candidates. 3) Contact your elected officials and tell them to sign up! You can easily find their information by tapping "My Elected Officials" under the main menu. Simply tap their picture to access their profile, email address, and phone number. If your official is not interested, don't worry. Elections are always just around the corner, and together we can find a candidate who is interested in hearing from you. 4) Remember that this is new and will take some time. Think about how long it took for everyone to get a facebook account.

Do I really need to enable push notifications for the app?

Absolutely! A poll can last as short as one hour or as long as seven days. We don't want you to miss out on giving your input because you didn't get a notification.

Is YourVote just an app?

No. YourVote is both an app and cloud based software. The app is for constituents and the software is for elected officials, candidates, and organizations.

How much does it cost?

The app is completely free for constituents! For elected officials and candidates, it varies based on constituency size. In most instances, official budgets pay for the use of YourVote so that there is no out-of-pocket costs for your elected officials. *We do offer a FREE version for organizations as well as an enhanced candidate version for the first candidate to register for YourVote in their specific race.

I'm too busy and my office is overwhelmed with communication already. Won't this just add to the list?

Not at all! By "reversing the flow of communications", we hope to help lighten the load. Now, your constituents can give you their input directly through the app. We designed YourVote with elected officials and their office staff in mind. Other "political apps" send you template emails and random poll results, further crowding out your constituents' voices and overwhelming your office. We designed YourVote to be an app you will actually want your constituents to use! We can also save you time by scheduling polls. You simply type your question and select the date and time you want it to send. Quick and easy! You can schedule an entire year if you want. YourVote does not require any training or much of your time. Quick Tip: If you start getting calls/emails about a particular issue, schedule a question about it. Let everyone know to download YourVote because you will be asking for their input on that very topic. Not only will they get to give their opinion, but you will actually have usable data to clearly see where your constituents stand. No more guesswork. YourVote is actually helping to make your job easier than ever.

Who is behind YourVote?

No political parties, elected officials, or investors... if that's what you were expecting. We are just a small team of people from Louisiana and Texas who are dissatisfied with the status quo. We are determined to provide a better and easier way for elected officials to do their jobs while giving all of their constituents the opportunity to be heard.

How can I help?

We would appreciate your help in any way you are able. Besides using YourVote you can... First and foremost, tell others about YourVote! We need help getting the word out. We are confident that once it catches on, our growth will be unstoppable. YourVote's success benefits all of us. So, please tell your friends, family, coworkers, officials, candidates, and anyone else you can think of.